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Red Eye Treatment

Redness of the eye membrane is an indicator of some sort of trouble, the body’s response is to increase the blood flow to the area, carrying in the antibodies, white corpuscles, the repair and maintenance crews, platelets, etc to begin their work. Applying a simple vaso-constrictor eyedrop actually PREVENTS the body from doing its own job!

Some causes of eye redness – in no particular order:

  • • Infection by germ – conjunctivitis / keratitis etc
  • • Allergy to external substance blown onto eye membrane – hayfever / cat hair etc
  • • Haemorrhage under the eye membrane
  • • Trauma / injury / foreign objects stuck in there somehow
  • • Acute glaucoma
  • • Iritis / episcleritis
  • • Ingrowing eyelashes
  • • Dry eye, tear system instability
  • • Eye fatigue – incorrect spectacles
  • • Over-age contact lenses, poorly fitted or maintained contacts
  • • Blepharitis / Demodex infestation of eyelashes

Of these, nearly ½ can cause PERMANENT DAMAGE to the eyes, worse case, resulting in POOR VISION FOREVER.

Put simply - Do not waste precious time. Medicare covers my consult fees fully for these consults.

When you book appointment, please bring whatever eye medicine you have already used – do not make me guess about a treatment you have already begun!