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Dry Eye - Wet Eye

Unstable liquid system on the outside of the eye can cause long-term pain, redness, blurry vision and worse.

We all have 3 distinct layers to the tear system that covers the eye surface. Trouble can occur to any layer.

1. A very fine layer of ‘slime’ (mucus) coats the eye membrane

2. A thick layer of dilute salty water with dissolved proteins, antibodies and other germ-killing substances

3. A thin oily layer floats on top, reducing evaporation from the main watery layer

Vertical tubes within upper and lower eyelids are constantly massaged by action of blinking, squeezing tiny amounts of of these fluids to provide ongoing lubrication. Dysfunction of these Meibomian Glands is one of the most frequent causes of dry eye/wet eye. Should the oily layer be insufficient, allowing excessive evaporation of the water from the centre layer results in increasing saltiness, pretty soon this = chronic pain and cycles of profuse watering, drying out, pain then watering again. Many treatment options exist, to be decided as an Individual EyeCare Solution.