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Ortho K Lens

Ortho-K (short for Orthokeratology) involves gently imprinting an artificial curve to the cornea during sleep-time, achieving clear vision with no optical aids when awake.

Ortho-K was first proposed in the USA in 1962, but a lack of technology made it a ‘no go’ before being reinvented in AUSTRALIA in 1989.

Ernie Hawes began using this technology from 1999, cheerfully impressing as much as -5.00 Dioptres of myopia away with customised lens designs from Capricornia, Gelflex, Menicon and Forge.

Although originally invented as a ‘leisure option’ for short-sighted swimmers to stop losing soft contact lenses into the surf, once it became clear that deterioration of the vision of teenagers using Ortho-K slowed down dramatically (usually stopping completely). The main application of this technique is for myopia control in the juvenile- even mid 20’s age group are frequently in need for this treatment.

Before allowing anyone to commit to spending $1500+ on the setup of these lenses, a trial run is done to confirm the motivation of the client. This usually involves a one hour appointment to measure eye curves, calculate trial lens shape, teach insertion/removal techniques, cleaning and caring for these lenses. Only when client has demonstrated good skills (sometimes a second visit is needed) a set of lenses and liquids will be loaned out for use ‘in reality’ at least 3 sleeps, often longer to allow the client to realistically assess the lifestyle commitment being considered. Customised lens design begins when client ready to commit.

Many follow-up visits are required over the first few months, occasionally lenses will be changed about to perfect the vision mathematics.