Individual EyeCare Solutions
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Individual EyeCare Solutions

3 words – a lot of meaning

1. You are an Individual, with your own background and future, plans/dreams/work and play requirements. ‘Sausage Factory’ thinking is not appropriate, we are not all the same!!

2. EyeCare is just that! Some situations are solved by the mere upgrading of a spectacle, others involve medications, contact lenses, a referral to a different EyeCare Professional (ECP), nutritional and eyelid hygiene regimes, and ‘outside the box’ thinking is often required.

3. Solutions – clients come to me with a problem seeking a solution. I frequently hear reports where an ECP fitted ‘their generic solution’ to the wrong problem, with predictable results. You, the client, are unhappy, the problem persists, and you move on from that ECP to someone else.